To give you a quick background, radon, just like how the hazardous content from second-hand smoking, is one of the common culprits towards lung cancer. It is a treat for people who don’t smoke. The high radon levels present in your home can be hazardous not just for you but most esp[ecially for kids.

The radon test kits are used for checking the levels of picocuries per liter present in your property. Radon is a type of gas that does not have a scent, color and is invisible to the naked eye. It is required to test your home for radon. If it exceeds more than four PCI l or higher, you will need home improvements, renovations or fixing the problem before it gets worse.

It is required by the Environmental Protection Agency EPA to keep everything in good standing, especially to minimize or lessen to nothing the level of radon in your property. The truth is, next to smoking and its hazard level, lung cancer can be prevented if the cause is the high levels of radon. There are specific places all over the US (Maryland) that are prone to radon.

  1. The radioactive gas is a natural process when radium, thorium, or uranium. These radioactive gases break down into the groundwater, soil, or rocks naturally. The Surgeon General And EPA have records leading to radon with second-hand smoking, as the leading causes of developing lung cancer and illnesses over time.

    You may not notice it but the radon exposure may just be around the corner. The radioactive emission comes out of the earth naturally. To help you decide for radon checking in your area, you can verify whether you have the following down;

    • Your daily routine of how long do you normally stay indoors or in your home.
    • The location where your home is. The place where you normally stay in.
    • You have a history of smoking or have smoked before.
    • If you have a fireplace, burn coals or wood indoors.

    For you to know the levels of radon in your home, it is best to allow professionals to conduct a radon test in the area. Most certified radon inspectors will offer the right method qualified to cure the property.

  • It decreases or lowers the possible risk of and development of lung cancer.
  • It prevents radioactive gas emissions from occurring or coming close contact with you while indoors.
  • It reduces the risk by 14% of lung cancer if your country is radon free.
  • The test is engineered to be precise and accurate, efficient, and helps you build durable home construction of a new house or to safeguard the former structure if you are planning to buy a new one.

Believe it or not, the average level of radon in Maryland is 40%average requirements for a radon test. The risk of developing lung cancer if you are near a property that has 4 PCI L to 10 PCI L will give you a greater risk of lung cancer easily. The radon problem in Maryland is above average compared to other areas in the United States.

If you are living somewhere in Zone 1, the risk of cancer in the United States are higher, EPA Recommends a twice a year radon mitigation. Even WHO understands that radon gas is the leading cause of lung cancer aside from smoking.

These 8 countries included in Zone 1 have higher levels of radon which can lead to the cause of lung cancer. However, if you will be buying a property somewhere in Maryland or near Montgomery County, your real estate agent will require you to hire a radon inspector.

If there is an increased level of radon after your purchase, you can check with Maryland radon mitigation to know the best step for the radon levels that may affect your health. These improvements are essential to make sure that you and your property are in great hands and standing.

The truth is, radon is always present somewhere in your property. It is not as harmful as it may seem as long as it is contained or monitored. There are required amounts of radon that need to be fixed. If you are 4 PCI l higher, you can schedule tested for radon or buy a radon test kit, find the best deals for home services to your property.

There are different ways on how you can deal and prevent any possible increase in radon levels in your homes. Either you can check for long-term treatments or get a quick test to check the levels present in your property. Aside from the different counties in Maryland, certain places are known to have a higher risk of radon levels.

  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Michigan
  • Kentucky
  • Alabama
  • Kansas
  • Connecticut
  • Colorado
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

The cost of the radon kit is cheap. It will only cost you an average of $10 to $30 for the complete set. However, for you to be on the safe side, it is best to hire certified professionals to do the job done right and properly for you. These people are professionals when it comes to providing the perfect services ideal for your house. The cost ranges from $148 to a maximum of $761. with an average cost of $451.

On an average cost which will entirely depend on your location, state, or property area. Most services for radon gas levels can range between $150 to $300. if you want to make one inspection for your new home purchased, you can set the test the day as your home inspection. The real estate company that you are dealing with may refer candidates ideal for radon gas inspection and home inspection at the same time. These certified professionals will determine the severity of radon gas in your area and find ways to fix it or help get things better.

While the mitigating process is a separate cost that you can check with your real estate agent or personnel who can assist you when buying a home. While the property you are acquiring is larger, the cost may increase as professional inspectors tend to use additional devices for their work done properly and accurately. The best thing for you to get a great deal is to check with multiple services offered around the region or state you are planning to move in.

The radon gas is the result of a decaying element mixture from radium and uranium. These radioactive gas particles are hazardous to your health as it damages your lungs inner lining. The result is a developing lung cancer if you will get exposed to this harmful gas over time.

That is why radon inspection is essential to make sure that you are living in a safe environment. There are 5 different culprits when it comes to radon emission.

  • Soil or your ground property
  • Radon can be found in the rocks near your place.
  • Gaps and cracks present in your house.
  • Source of well water as it can greatly have higher levels of radon.
  • Solutions used for radon mitigations.
  • Don’t smoke inside your home or inform your guests about the rules of no smoking indoors.
  • Get proper ventilation indoors by allowing airflow. Open your windows regularly, use vents or fans. That way it will enable the air to circulate and avoid getting stagnant.
  • Fix wall and floor cracks with caulk or plaster.
  • Inquire radon-resistant techniques for construction before purchasing a new home.
  • Central humidification system for your home to purify the air.