The home inspections had been tagged as the ‘deal killer’ in the real estate industry. Many properties failed to get to the market because of the different issues found during the inspection, and no home is safe from this trouble.

We all know that real estate is an asset that appreciates over time. But the physical aspects of a Baltimore home can deteriorate if owners fail to maintain it properly. Though some of the problems may be spotted immediately with a single look such as cracked highway or broken pipe, other problems can only be uncovered with proper home inspections. This is the reason why many Baltimore homeowners become surprised when they seek the help of professional home inspectors in Baltimore. It didn’t cross their mind that failure to keep regular home maintenance can decrease the value of their home.

So, if you want to get through the ‘deal killer’ phase of Baltimore home selling, which is the Baltimore home inspections, right here are the top tips from the experts that will help every seller.

Anyone interested to purchase your Baltimore home will schedule a service from a home inspection company 10 days after checking the property. Although it is not your first time to sell a home, other aspects could confuse you during the home inspections and the consultations that will follow. 

This time, you need to trust your real estate agent because he can help you with the following concerns:

  • He will understand the kinds of home inspection problems that are typical in your area. Some of them may be mold, pest issues, radon testing, improper electrical wiring, and signs of water leakage.
  • He can create a game plan for different repair requests. Your real estate agent can assess the best option for your property – whether you should hire contractors to repair the issues or you should offer repair credits when the problem happens.
  • He knows well about the real estate market and he can determine if you have the advantages in the seller’s market. 
  • He can differentiate the major home inspection issues from the minor home inspection issues. He can also tell the possible ground for negotiations such as safety and health threats.

It will bring no good if you rush the Baltimore city home inspections process for your property. You should keep in mind that doing this won’t do you any favors. The usual schedule home inspection services will last between 2-4 hours for an average property, and it can take longer for old houses or those properties which have additional features such as a shed, pool, or attic.

In the normal home inspection services, the buyer and his agent are present in the house. As a seller, it is recommended that you leave the property during the inspection and let your agent handle everything. If you wish to be present during the Baltimore city home inspections, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. You have to understand that your presence might create an uncomfortable feeling in the buyer’s part.

It doesn’t matter whether your pet looks adorable and friendly – you will need to remove them from your home so that the inspector can thoroughly check the entire home. 

You have to turn on every utility inside the home and that includes electricity, water, and gas. If there are remote controls associated with some appliances or pieces of equipment, the inspector should have access to them. One of the things that an inspector would want to know is whether the appliances are working well and the utilities are ready to be used as soon as the buyer moves in. Make the process so that the inspection can be completed as quickly as possible.

If you can find a lot of piled up materials that blocking the important part of your houses such as the electrical panel and water tubes, you need to free them and clean up the area. Some of the materials that could obstruct the areas where inspection is needed are cabinets, washing machines, and other heavy things. As the Baltimore homeowner, you must prepare your home and keep it ready for the inspection of a professional serving Baltimore. 

No matter how much you deny it, Baltimore MD home inspections are done to uncover certain issues with your property such as mold. With this thought, you have to prepare yourself and embrace the possible list of problems with your home. 

When you get the Baltimore MD home inspection reports and find a long and detailed document the first time you check it, don’t stress yourself too soon. Some of the issues listed there might just be about cobwebs in the crawl space or a broken light bulb in the kitchen. Look for the bigger items such as issues that can trigger health and safety issues like mold and prepare to negotiate them with your real estate agent. 

Below are the important aspects of a house which Baltimore MD home inspectors are looking for:

  • Water damage
  • Damage to the roof
  • Home electrical system issues like faulty wirings
  • Issues with plumbing
  • The age and functionality of HVAC
  • Presence of unwanted bacteria like mold
  • Gases that can cause health problem like radioactive gas (radon testing must be done to determine this)

Some Baltimore homeowners do the pre-inspection before listing their property in the market, and it is not an issue if you choose to do it as well. This is one of the rights reserved for you as the homeowner. But this pre-inspection also offers various pros and cons for the seller. 

One of the positive sides of pre-inspection is you can fix the issues that could come up during the buyer’s inspection, and you are in a good position when negotiation happens. But there is no assurance that these issues will matter to the buyer. You may just end up unboxing problems that may not be necessary to others. 

You must assess every good and bad side of pre-inspection, then you can decide to perform it with your property or not.

Now that you have uncovered the different issues about your Baltimore Maryland property, you need to face them and provide a solution for every issue that matters most. Be honest with the real value of your home and tell everything to the buyer and his agent. If they are not ready to negotiate, then move on with a new buyer.

Proper and regular home maintenance is important if you wish to get through the Maryland home inspection troubles. Prepare your Baltimore home even before you decide to let go and sell it.