A typical residential inspection consists of the following:

  • Visually inspect the property for signs of water intrusion and mold growth.
  • Visually inspect basement and attic for obvious signs of water intrusion or conditions conducive to mold growth. 
  • Visually Inspect air conditioning vents for visible mold
  • Establish maintenance recommendations to correct moisture problems 
  • Measure moisture in the air (Humidity)
  • Measure moisture in the walls, ceilings etc. to locate any sources of mold growth
  • Take air samples in areas of concern. A standard inspection would be one outdoor air sample and two indoor samples. The outdoor sample establishes a reference or baseline for normal mold levels in an area, that are then compared to the indoor samples. 
  •  If needed take additional air or swab samples of any visible mold.($75.00 each) This will be determined during the on site inspection.

Our goal is make our inspection and testing fee’s as affordable as possible, please contact us for our pricing schedule or to discuss your project.

For a limited or spot inspection, such as a bedroom closet, a single sample may be all that is required.

Turnaround time for sample analysis by a certified lab is 4 to 5 working days.

Overnight or same day reports are available at extra cost. 

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